The Munchie Mug

Finally, Mess Free Snacking.

Features & Safety

What People Are Saying

 "By far the BEST snack cup available out there! I have 2, and all my friends and family use them as well. Whats better...made in the USA!! BPA betcha! Highly recommend the Munchie Mug if you have any little ones...they won't want to let it go!"
-Josh T.
 "I bought this Munchie Mug alittle over a year ago, after my son has gone through various "spill proof snack cups" always figuring out a way to spill everything everywhere. Found this one on Amazon...I figured what the hey... lets give it a try. Now here we are, a year and half later, my son is now 2 and uses this thing DAILY! Not only does he love how it feels when he puts his hand through the fabric material, he doesn't even try to spill things out of it. "