Celebrating Earth Day 2020 at Home

Earth Day at Home with NASA
Lots of great stuff here. Check out their 50th Anniversary ToolkitSpace Place for games, activities, and crafts, NASA Stem YouTube Channel,  and their free downloadable Earth Day posters

When celebrating Earth Day, you can't forget about The Lorax. The Seussville website has a wide range of activities to go along with the book. You can makeTruffula tree bookmarks, recycled cloth napkin rings, branch art, and more!

Mystery Science - Mysteries About our Planet features mini-lessons and full lessons all about Earth science. These fun and informative videos are easy for even young kids to engage with and many come with an activity you can do to go along with it. 

National Geographic Kids has an awesome list of real things you and your kids can do to help the Earth. There are of course upcycled crafts, games and interesting articles you can check out as well. 

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