Five Reasons it's a Good Idea to Add a Dog to the Family

5. Dogs Are Nature's Therapists - When a group of 5-year-olds from pet owning house holds were asked what they did when they were scared, upset or sad, 40% voluntarily mentioned they turned to their pets. Those of us who grew up with dogs all have a memory of a time where our furry friend's unconditional love provided some emotional relief. We're no exception, as you can see below:

4. Dogs Can't Read, But They Can Help Your Kid Learn How - Studies show that kids who read in front of a dog were more relaxed then when reading in front of an adult or a peer. The night's reading ritual can be a lot more enjoyable for your budding reader when it includes quality time curled up with Rex.

3. Kids Learn to Nurture Through Nature - Caring for a pet can teach children the importance of thinking of and caring for others. This is especially important for boys who don't traditionally participate in 'playing house' or caring for baby dolls. 

2. No, really. Dogs Make Kids Healthier - There's the obvious health advantage of dog ownership that comes with playing with and walking the dog, but studies show that children's overall health is improved even in the first year of life when exposed to pets. Not only that, but kids in pet-having households are less likely to have a host of allergies. 

1. You Can Save a Life - We're not going to guilt trip you about getting that purebred Frenchie (that's Sarah McLaughlin's job) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least stop by your local shelter and see if the dog for you is waiting for you there. Pound puppies love just a little harder!

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