5 Tricks to Get a Toddler in Bed

It has to be one of life's greatest mysteries: Sleep is so awesome yet most toddlers will do just about anything to put it off. Check out our five favorite tips to help get your little one's to bed so you can get to sleep too!

5. Try to avoid rocking him to sleep.
This might sound strange but it could cause something called sleep-onset association disorder. Don't worry though, it just a fancy term that means that he'll expect to get rocked every time he wakes during the night. Try and substitute rocking with something he can keep in his room like a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. 

4. Keep a lot of Monster Spray handy.
Kids have great imaginations which can oftentimes turn on them in the dark of the night. If you little on is scared of monsters, keep a bottle of 'Monster Spray' in her room she can use whenever she gets scared. Try steeping some rose petals in boiling water then straining them out for a safe homemade version that has a pleasant smell without chemicals. 

3. It's never to early to start the bedtime ritual.
Don't try to squeeze everything in the 10 minutes before their bedtime. Try moving some of the steps earlier in the night, like brushing their teeth and putting on their PJs right after dinner. Making sure all stimulating activities (TV/tablets/dance battles) are done at least an hour before bedtime as well. 

2. As always, don't be afraid to use bribes.
Try a system that rewards him for cooperating during bedtime. Try giving him a sticker on a chart for every night he falls asleep without any problems with a prize after a set amount. Using seven as the number will also help him learn about the days in a week. 

1. Don't try and wait them out. 
Some parents reason that if their child has trouble going to sleep at an earlier time then they'll just push her bedtime back so late they HAVE to get sleepy. It sounds good in principal but kids really do thrive with a bedtime between 6:30 and 8:00 pm. Any later and they can get overtired and that's when stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol will kick in. This means they have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Try moving bedtime up, not back and see if that helps.  

Tell us your tips and tricks for getting your toddler to bed.

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